Who we are  What we do

Founded in 2004, A+R Media Studio has expertise in interactive media design, identity creation, web development and print design. From full-scale branding programs to creating web applications to designing and producing site-independent interactive widgets, A+R Media works with organizations and agencies of all sizes to build solid, thoughtful and attractive media.

Most projects are guided by our multi-stage process:

  • Assess

    During the Assessment stage, A+R Media Studio collaborates with the client to identify project goals and organize new and existing project information. Business rules, functional requirements, and information architecture are then defined, documented and submitted to the client for review.

    This stage guides Design, Development, and Production, and provides an outline for content development and technology selection.

  • Design

    A product's look and feel are identified and explored during the Design stage. A+R Media Studio uses a combination of careful consideration of the client's audiences and thoughtful use of color, imagery, and other media to maximize usability and help engage users in a meaningful way.

    Visual designs created at this stage inform both the Development and Production stage.

  • Develop

    During the Development stage, business rules, functional requirements, and information architecture defined during the Assessment stage are applied to the approved visual designs using proven media technologies. Navigation systems, interactive components and other dynamic elements are programmed and configured at this stage.

    A+R Media Studio has expertise in many development platforms and technologies, including:

    • Adobe Flash
    • XML, HTML, and CSS
    • PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET
    • mySQL, SQLServer, SQLite Databases
  • Produce

    All project assets and components created during the Design and Development stage are assembled during Production. A preview of the final product is created to review content, test product features, and confirm process flow.

    Once quality is assured and the product is approved, A+R Media Studio works with the client to publish the product. Upon publication, product content and functionality are reviewed again.

  • Refine

    Some products require additional effort once Production is complete. For websites and other interactive media, Refinement may include:

    • applying a search engine optimization program
    • performing day-to-day site maintenance
    • designing promotion-specific collateral