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By Andee Wilcott
Taking a look at the GIF's artsy older cousin
By Andee Wilcott
With graduation season upon us, and wedding season right around the corner, we thought we’d share our top tips on shooting videos on your phone.
By Andee Wilcott
The nuts and bolts of what optimization is, how to determine the sizing of your images, and tips and tools to optimize properly.
By Rudy Dominguez
The new design looked great. Now we just had to build it.
By A+R
Capco wanted a showstopper for their recent tradeshow and that's exactly what we gave them.
By Andee Wilcott
Sharing our story of the real beginning of A+R
By Andee Wilcott
How we went about applying our own process to our site’s redesign.
By Andee Wilcott
A handy guide to understanding logo terminology
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